Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AD. Pirous

I have a chance to meet AD. Pirous, his known by Islamic Artwotk / Islamic calligraphy.
in the middle of conversation i quoted this "we're not copying, imitating, but inspired by"
i think this is inspiring when today most of young people ignored the people works and tends to be a pioneer and create the new think. this is cool, people should know that everybody is following something that exist before, we're just improve it to make it better.
there's nothing new under the sky dude.
and then he told me to documenting everything through photography, and write it.
he's very inspiring. oooh how we miss a maestro like him.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Amanda Angela Soenoko

do the text and smoking.. sms darling, sms

then, make a phone call

one gloomy afternoon, amanda call me to hanggin around, then we meet at Mcd Dago, she told me everything, one hour tale about her fuckin life, and OUR..
she gave me a CAN! a can of coffee and she said "i was going to buy you a beer, but whatever.. astagfirulloh" hahahaah! wtf! we're in the middle of chit chat and you buy me a coffee? life isn't fair. Riksa, Beer, and Curhat that's the rule!
miss you already dear, you deserve the best!

balubur mall

Balubur Mall is a traditional market, but the government 'relocate' this market into the building, like we call it a Mall. hihihi

pasar baru bandung

my friend, fitri.. try to figure it out what the hell is "neci"

we're hanggin around in pasar baru to buy 'iket'. Iket is traditional sundanesse batik to wear in head, like hat