Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Going The Distance

sunny day

then.. start raining

mirwan andan with rharharha tape artwork

still the old ruang rupa

text & beer
try to catch different ambient @newseum in music concert

have fun with my best buddy Maddun and Yasra

last weekend I have to visit my best friends in Ruang Rupa, Tebet Jakarta. after wasted DVD-ing and gossip (hee) Maddun take me to Newseum to see his friend's gigs. yeah right.. me who try to spend the weekend in Jakarta meet my best friend from Bandung too and see the Band from Bandung also. (ngefet)
after see the gigs we're spend the night by dinner and go to Jalan Jaksa for another beer night. awesome!
(but I don't take a picture while we're in the bar. my bad)

it was nice to see you again!

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